Sandwich Department - Scale of one to ten on their customer service? Probably four

Bob's Alright - I tried to buy a Playstation off this guy, and he acts like I am nuts

Dynamo Hotstick - This lady would not settle her debts, preferring to abuse me instead

Leave a message - This guy is a liar

Nails And Teeth - This nail salon made me feel like garbage

Christmas Spirit - This lady did not care about my problems and treated me like a child

Voice-A-Tron 9000 - Hard to explain

Cleft Palette - Can't explain this one

Defective Bunny
- I will never do business with this place again

China Buffet - This lady acts like we are from opposite sides of the world

Jeffery Has The Car
- Me and my nephew tried buying a sofa, but this lady was not being fair about it

L.L. Bean Coat - I tried getting a raincoat from this lady, but she was doing a scam

Long Distance 1 - I worked really briefly for a telemarketing company

Long Distance 2 - More of the same

Driveway Work - Neighbors aren't what they used to be. God forbid I ever need to borrow a cup of sugar or something

Quick-Fil Camp-out - Me and my family needed a place to sleep, but nobody cared of course

Computer Shopping - I have multiple statuettes, and this guy did not understand what they mean to me

Lucky Chodes - I started contacting my military friends after Desert Storm, and this is my old bunkmate Uri

Red Apple 1 - I did a radio jingle for this gas station and they used me and never paid. What else is new.

Red Apple 2 - More of the same

Red Apple 3 - More of the same

Bait Shop Dialing Mishap - I wanted to buy specific goods off this guy

Bait Shop Dialing Mishap 2 - And I wanted specific goods off this guy also

Burnt Up - This is when my son got stuck in a tree

Marshall Kieker 1 - I tried to contact a friend from high school, but his diabolical parents led me on a wild goose chase

Marshall Kieker 2- More of the same

Human Resources - I tried to get a job through this lady, but she would not help and just harassed me

Keys - This asshole stole my keys and I tried getting them back, but he was running a illegal operation out of his house

Cataracts - I called this guy because I couldn't see the numbers to the phone. Sorry

Disabled Nephew - I tried taking my nephew to Wal-mart, but they don't let disabled people shop there I guess