JUNE 30 2020

As a little baby boy I was taught that if you reveal a magician’s secrets, you’re no better than a child murderer. Indeed it is a child’s curiosity that is slaughtered on the stage before a gawking, drooling studio audience when “The Masked Magician” and other traitors-to-the-craft pedal their tawdry wares. My father was a street magician. Let that soak in. His father was a public bathroom magician when that was still a thing. Let that soak in. He had a great routine called “My Itty-Bitty Shit-Slathered Titties” which was a fifteen minute tour de force of delicate, topless close-up work. His father before him was an infamous setter of wildfires that consumed much of the west. Let. That. Soak. In.

So, it was drummed into me that the secrets of magic are a sacred thing. That is why it pains me to find so many YouTubers revealing with impunity– often utilizing crude MS Paint diagrams in order to illustrate their deconstructions– revealing with impunity, I say again, the secrets of The Magical Arts. If the law on its own wont step in to condemn and put an end to this behavior, I’d ask that my readers kindly sign this petition imploring YouTube to remove these videos at once and in perpetuity.